Gay business men

Several extremely rich businessmen, businesswomen, and entrepreneurs are members of the LGBT community. Some of these billionaires who are gay or lesbians inherited their fortunes, while other LGBT billionaires are self-made successes. Among other gay billionaires on this list, you'll find entertainment moguls including David Geffen. Dolce and Gabbana were partners in life and business for many years, but after being romantically involved for over 20 years, the couple called it quits in Although they are no longer in a relationship, they remain partners in business to this day. Simkhai launched the app in , and announced his departure from the company in January of this year following the app's acquisition by Chinese company, Kunlun.

Jon "Maddog" Hall is a veteran computer programmer, and currently serves as the board chair for the Linux Professional Institute.

CEOs who are openly gay

In a article for Linux Magazine, Hall publicly came out as gay. His decision was made in honor of Alan Turing. Since then, he has gone on to become the co-chair of the Economic Security Project. Hughes is openly gay, and in married Sean Eldridge.

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Megan Smith has had a storied career. In she became the first female CTO of the United States, and the third person to ever hold that position.

Today she is a member of the board of MIT. David Geffen is, arguably, one of the most powerful figures in the American entertainment industry. He's a dedicated philanthropist, who frequently donates to medical research and the arts. David Bohnett was behind one of the first ever social networking sites, GeoCities, back during the early days of the Internet.

27 Most Successful LGBT+ Entrepreneurs, Executives and Opinion Leaders

After founding the site in , Bohnett has gone on to found the David Bohnett Foundation which seeks to improve society through social activism. In , Tim Gill founded Quark Inc. Jennifer Pritzker is best-known for being the first transgender billionaire.

Through the foundation, she seeks to donate to numerous civic causes. Pritzker publicly came out in via a statement to her employees. She has received many accolades for her work in advancing the visibility of and discussion around gender identity.

Gay Businessmen Pictures and Images

Vivienne Ming is a theoretical neuroscientist and entrepreneur, and is the co-founder of Socos. Socos aims to combine machine learning and neuroscience to maximize the potential of students. She and Norma married the following year, and went on to found Socos together. Claudia Brind-Woody is one of the most powerful women working in tech today.

Tim Cook: CEO of Apple

Yet another found that quoting on your CV that you were treasurer of the college gay group is far worse for your prospects than saying that you had held the same position in a campus socialist club. Though employment policies, such as providing medical benefits to gay partners, are changing rapidly, corporate cultures evolve slowly. Even in banks making an effort to be gay-friendly, he finds, many still keep quiet about their sexuality, just in case.

Acceptance of gay people in business is growing, but there is still some way to go.

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