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I relied on my work with them for income and had to live off my savings, which is never something you want to have happen. But, I was confident with a little hard work from my end I could put myself back out there in the adult entertainment world. It had to be surprising, after working with them for so long. I figured, if no one there was willing to work to keep me around, why would I want to stay anyway? Looking back on your work with Corbin Fisher, do you have any regrets?

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Not specifically. Nothing I had control over, at least. The ability to connect with my fans via social media has been great. I always knew people were out there looking for me, but I could never respond. After being let go, how did you decide what your next move would be? I was let go back in October and spent the next couple of months thinking about my long term career goals. I recently applied for and was offered a paid internship with an environmental education program, which is something I am passionate about.

Right, my OnlyFans page is where most of my content will be coming from for the next few months. Fans can look forward to seeing a little more creativity in my videos, now that I have control.

Top 10 Groundbreaking Moments for LGBTQ Characters On TV

Any plans to work with other studios or performers? GuysInSweatpants is where I might shoot next after talking with them. Then, who knows? I would love to try out Kink and do things with role-play. I do just about anything from juggling and stilt walking to fire twirling and aerial acrobatics. Are you in a relationship right now?

My boyfriend of the last three years is also an aerial acrobat, and he travels the world teaching workshops and judging competitions. We met through the circus community on Instagram, and after our first nine months of the relationship being long distance, I moved to Vegas to be with him and work on our craft together.

Luckily, as performers we get work just about anywhere, and our home base location has little affect on our ability to find it. What kind of things were you interested in? I was a teen in the age of MySpace, where I discovered a lot about myself. I always knew I liked the male physique, but when I was online I would seek profiles of gay men and start chatting with them. I would look at profiles with pictures of guys kissing.

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  8. These beautiful jocks, wrestlers, and models in pictures like I had never seen before, except of women. Do you remember the first gay porn you saw? I saw gay porn for the first time on MySpace, and it was a gif of someone. It led me to other profiles that posted videos from tube sites. So, this was my first exposure to the wonderful world of online videos, and right away I loved it.

    I loved watching muscle worship, cock sucking, and young twinks fucking. Schoolboy Crush was my favorite, since I was a school boy myself and had a similar fantasy. I had lots of sexy classmates, and I fantasized about them having their way with me in the locker room, or showing up at my house to demand a fuck while my parents were gone. Performers are much more open about their work in gay porn than they used to be. Do you discuss your work with people outside of the industry?

    They are academics and already think my life in the circus is strange enough. Shoot around with a few studios. If one you like offers exclusivity, do research and talk to other models working there to see how their experience has been. Being exclusive can get you the exposure helpful to starting your career in adult entertainment. Use some of your earnings to start saving for something special, or for a rainy day, too. Your scenes are always so memorable because of your skills and talent as a performer, but has performing ever been a challenge for you? For me personally, I found shooting b-roll to be the hardest part of the job, because it was boring to me.

    Low blood sugar makes the cardio and squats involved in fucking harder to do sometimes. I like the idea of more role-play involved in sex. Or, maybe even the wrong group. Before I let you go, what are you looking forward to the most in ?

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    The possibilities! There are a lot of studios I want to start working for once I graduate my internship in May and have time to travel more. Corbin Fisher felt repetitive and stale with regard to the type of sex the last few years, due mostly to the fact that my sexual appetite had grown more exotic. So, I crave to experience sex in many forms, and use my erotic powers to help others discover something new about themselves.

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    Twitter , Instagram , OnlyFans. Great, in-depth interview. I love how open he is about everything and I am looking forward to seeing him in some hopefully great scenes, especially GISP. He is a combination of handsomeness and boy next door that is a willing combination.

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    He has a positive energy and you never worry about him slipping into drugs or jail LOL. What is B-roll? Great Interview. His rimming skills are off the charts! Kurt or somebody claiming to be him said the same thing about Sean Cody. I think ole Brayden was about as unpopular as Quinn was popular.

    taylor.evolt.org/lyjin-folgoso-do-courel.php Brayden was annoying, plain and over-used. Thanks for your blessing, father. My memory is bad, but I remember over at the other place, many other non-fans of Brayden. Do you love all the CF boys, or do you discriminate? I never got Brayden-hate because he was in so many way the epitome of Corbin Fisher at its playful best.

    And those fuckiing across-the-room cum shots! SC Jayden is another model who evoked the ire of the Hunties over on that other site. Tom was jiggly and had pointy boobs and tattoos. He was TOO all that. You can get too much of something, and, honestly, the more of something you perceive, the less authentic if feels.

    Maybe he was acting or maybe he was just so apeshit for every guy and every thing. We all read personalities according to our socialization. SC Jayden has the upturned nose? You know, a nose that you can see up inside while being flat and level. Kinda a opossum nose. Over the decades, Sean Cody has many, many beautiful faces, but not his. Interestingly both Brayden and Joey described their smiles as their best attribute kudos to Brayden for maintaining his trim and not going crazy over steroids.

    I always gave him an A for effort.