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By the time the jam had finished, Tusks had grown from a short game about interacting with orcs as romantic interests to an expansive narrative exploring outsider status, game tropes, and identity. There will be further updates to complete individual character stories and for bugfixes and changes. Skip to content. You may read up more on it here , and check out the main cast below: Sithig is a grise, a boar-like humanoid rarely seen outside of obscure bestiaries.

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Brocgin has spent the last few years of his life studying at a human educational institution in the city. Domnol is an orcish courier, and shows up sometime after the group begin their journey. Ggorom is a selkie returning to his home under the sea, near the Outer Hebrides.

Ferdag is a warrior, and acts as the vanguard for the group.

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There are even small personal elements, the orcs of Tusks travel the country and assemble with others like them every so often. That's reflective of my own family's history as fairground travelers.

The character I find fascinating is the orc with one arm. Ah, that's Ferdag.

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  7. We so rarely see characters in games with disabilities—even in the ones that are all about war, violence, shooting, maiming, stabbing, and slashing. That's partially due to perceived issues with modeling characters. But it's also due to well-meaning but self-defeating worry about not representing disabled people perfectly, of the feeling that disabled bodies are taboo, dangerous, and non-sexual.

    Ferdag is your typical mercenary warrior whose arm had to be amputated due to severe injury, and who has had to find new ways to adapt to the warrior life.

    They definitely are a growing market. There's a surge of interest in exploring games by, for and about members of marginalized groups of all kinds, including those who're members of marginalized gender and sexual orientations. It's interesting also that the focus isn't primarily on sex.

    Try gay orc dating with Tusks: The Orc Dating Simulator / Offworld

    There are probably more games that aren't specifically about sex. What do you feel Tusks is providing that other games in this space aren't? Tusks provides a story and a mythology that's usually centered around straight folk but in this case is unequivocally gay. And without any caveat attached to it like, "It's gay if you kinda read it this way," or "It's gay, but it's a tragic love story that ends horribly," or "One of these characters is gay and it's not like, A Thing, and also you never see them kiss anyone so it's not all in your face about it.

    Tusks will be available in "a few months, barring any intrusion of real-life horrors and distractions!

    Tusks: The Orc Dating Sim

    Follow Toby on Twitter. Sign up for the best of VICE, delivered to your inbox daily. The Orc Dating Sim' explores sexual diversity, ableism in gaming, and our uncomfortable relationship with mental illness. Newsletters are the new newsletters.